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 posted by odyssey : Jun 19, 2007 (2631 days, 6 hours ago.) (ignore) NEW
So the NHL is moving to new jerseys for all the teams next season and a bunch of teams are taking the opportunity to "refresh" their looks.

The Washington Capitals either accidentally (or deliberately) "leaked" their new design today. Personally, it's not inspiring alot of confidence in what the rest of the teams are going to do...obviously the colours are washed out by the "artistic license" in the flash design, but still...yeeeech.

Best comment about them: "It really looks like something someone would have drawn in 1977 as a "What the Capitals will look like in 2007, when we're all driving to the games in our flying cars" concept."

 posted by K*Rock : Jun 19, 2007 (2631 days, 5 hours ago.) NEW
or is it this? If it's the one you posted, i have to say that I'm glad it's not a multi-beveled, over-illustrated monstrosity like this one, which is the past ten years of sports logos taken to it's extreme. blechhh!!
 posted by scarecrow704 : Jun 19, 2007 (2631 days, 5 hours ago.) NEW
That capitals jersey is almost identical to the one they wore in the 80's
 posted by odyssey : Jun 19, 2007 (2631 days, 5 hours ago.) NEW
It's the one I posted. The leak happened on But it's gone now...

The first one you posted was actually a fan concept created on the concept board about a year ago. (Yeah, I hang out there from time to time)

 posted by K*Rock : Jun 19, 2007 (2631 days, 5 hours ago.) NEW
i like it...much better than the retardedly obvious capitol building design they've been using.
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